Server Rules

1. Fail RP
  1. Do not do completely unrealistic things in-city. You wouldn’t rob a cop in the middle of a police station, etc.
  2. Don’t tackle & trip people for no reason.
  3. Don’t abuse the jump feature when running away.
  4. If you experience someone else Fail Roleplaying, don’t drop character and call them on it, but do your best to let the situation play out and notify staff in discord.
2. Fear RP
  1. You will fear for your life as your character. Your character doesn’t know what re-spawning is.
  2. In character you should have the mentality of having one life. If you are found Not Valuing your Life (NVL) disciplinary action will be taken.
  3. Doing stunt jumps on just any character is a form of Fear RP. Not every character would have the mentality of a daredevil.
3. Extreme Scenarios
  1. Do not initiate any rape scenarios. You will be banned with prejudice.
  2. Torture scenarios are acceptable if it makes sense. Do not get too graphic/sadistic, we still have to have fun for all parties.
4. Social topics & Hate-speech
  1. Hate-speech Definition: Abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  2. Political talk is acceptable in game, but do not attack people personally for their opinions.
  3. There will be absolutely no racism or hate-speech allowed on the server, even if you intend it just as roleplay. Do not be so ignorant that you have to use these terms.
5. Exploiting, Cheating, & Trainers
  1. Do not cheat or exploit.
  2. Trainers are strictly forbidden.
  3. If you are found exploiting, you will be banned for 3 days and your character’s bank and inventory will be wiped.
  4. If you discover an exploit, and come forward with it so we can fix it, there will be no punishment.
6. Metagaming
  1. Do not use any information that you obtain outside of the city while in character. Your character must learn/figure out things for himself/herself.
  2. Do not use voice comms to communicate outside of the game to organize or coordinate in game. We have a phone for a reason.
  3. Do not use information you’ve learned on another character.
7. Out of Character Conversations in Game
  1. There is absolutely no reason to talk out of character in the city.
  2. /ooc exists for OOC questions. Do not use this to have conversations.
  3. Disciplinary action will be taken if OOC talk is noticed.
8. Random Deathmatch \ Vehicle Deathmatch
  1. Do not randomly kill other players. You must be engaged in a Role Play scenario to initiate violence
  2. Do not use your vehicles to run people over with the intention to kill.
9. Character Unconsciousness (being downed for any reason)
  1. You may only communicate with anyone that is around via /me by expressing how your character is feeling, not having a conversation
  2. The only exception to this is if you are to go down because of starvation or dehydration. You may express to the EMS that you just need to eat or drink.
10. Character Suicide
  1. If you initiate a suicide scenario, your character will be perma’d. There will be no ‘attempted’ suicide calls unless permission has been requested to a server admin to make sure everyone is clear on the situation. No other exceptions.
11. Rule of 4
  1. For any criminal scenarios (robberies, shootouts, misc) the scenarios will be limited to 4 people from one group.
  2. For clarities sake: If you’re about to do something illegal and you have more then 4 people in your “group” or even loosely affiliated with you around, then don’t do it.
12. LEO Impersonation
  1. We have a limited police force currently. Please do not impersonate LEO’s as it could get unnecessarily confusing.
13. New Life Rule
  1. Whenever you are forced to respawn at the hospital using the “E” button, you WILL NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING leading up to the events that put you there.
14. Voice Changers
  1. Voice changers are allowed as long as they are not obnoxious. Anything ridiculous will be warned.
15. Hostages
  1. There will be a 1 hostage limit per scenario.
  2. The hostage must not be a ‘friend’ of your character, or a volunteer hostage.
16. Multiple Characters
  1. You are absolutely allowed to play as many characters as you want, but you must not overlap their stories.
  2. Your other characters will not know details of your another characters life.
  3. Your characters will NOT be family members with each other. This leads up weird meta-knowledge.
17. Power-gaming
  1. We’re here to roleplay and have a good time. We’re not here to win. It’s okay to end up as the ‘loser’ in a scenario. Let it add to your character’s story.
  2. Always going for the win isn’t fun roleplay. Help contribute to other peoples RP instead of your own.
18. Not Valuing Life (NVL)
  1. This was mentioned under Rule 2. You (your character) MUST not pull out a gun or attempt to be a bad-ass if 2 guns are aimed at you. You will value your characters life. Your character doesn’t know what a respawn is, they don’t know they’re going to just wake up in the hospital from being shot.
19. Microphones
  1. Mics are required to participate in RP on Unity. Please take the time to make sure they work properly, and that your settings are set up correctly.
  2. Voice-Activity is strictly forbidden. You MUST have push to talk enabled on our server.
20. Retaliation & Gang Wars
  1. Gang Retaliation for things such as snitching, gang aggression, turf wars, etc will conclude a topics story arc upon a successful retaliation.
  2. Gang Wars are bound to happen, do not let them devolve into RDM / TDM events. Create story and make sure everyone is having fun.
  3. Please only retaliate for violence if it would make sense for all characters involved.
    1. Do not go beat up “Joey” just because you think “Joey” beat up “Ross”.
  4. Group retaliation shall be limited to 4 from one group.
21. Neutral Zones
  1. The only “real” Neutral Zone that we now have is the hospital. Please do not initiate drama or fighting in or around the hospital. This is just counter productive and somewhat fail RP.
  2. No taking a salesman hostage to use a test vehicle for crime.
  3. No taking a medic hostage to treat injuries / revive.
  4. The apartments are considered a “soft” Neutral Zone only in the manner that you are not allowed to camp out at an apartment waiting for someone to come out. This does not make for good RP.
22. Handcuffs
  1. Handcuffs are intended to be used for RP. Do not sneak up on someone and cuff them, that would also be breaking rule 18.
  2. Only use handcuffs if you are involved in an active RP situation with someone.
23. Police Interaction
  1. When the police become involved and there ends up being a chase/pursuit/crime and the police end up (or not) catching someone and the suspect is in handcuffs, the scenario will switch into an investigation/processing stage.
  2. When in said investigation/processing, you will not drag RP on for the officers when trying to process unless you have a genuine reason.
    1. When being processed, failing to comply or identify might make for good story in your head, but all you’re really doing is dragging the scenario out.
  3. Assaulting an officer in the holding area is no longer allowed. (Unless there is a real, non-shitty, roleplay-able reason for doing so.)
  4. Do not do things with the intention of drawing police attention / interaction. This includes intentionally doing illegal things with the intention of getting them to initiate a chase or getting them to break off a current call/scenario. (Cop-baiting)
24. Motel Loitering
  1. We have implemented an in-character, anti-loitering reason for Pink Cage. The ownership of both the Pink Cage Motel and the Perrero Beach Motel have filed countless noise complaints and loitering complaints.
  2. If a police officer arrives on scene to break up the loitering, please know that it’s not just the officer being rude or trying to rain on your parade.
  3. We need people to branch out and not hang out in front of the motels. It doesn’t make sense if every time a character wakes up, literally every person in the city knows that they are now awake because every character is standing in front of Pink Cage.
  4. This does not mean you are not allowed to meet up at the motels, or briefly hang out, but this is rule is being implemented to spread people out. We have other locations that you can hang out.
25. Mugging Players
  1. When mugging/robbing players, you must be engaged in an RP scenario with them.
  2. While pickpocketing would be an example of a real world situation that could occur, this is still a game and we are here to create RP for all parties involved, not just make money.
  3. With that being said, robbing someone while they are obviously AFK is breaking rule 18, moving forward.
26. Spawn Selection Abuse
  1. Relogging, or using character swap to ‘teleport’ to another location by selecting a new spawn from the spawn menu to avoid having to travel in the city is not allowed. This is abuse of a feature.
27. Combat Logging
  1. ‘Combat’ logging is a term used for logging out in an active situation.
  2. Do not just log out if you are engaged in a roleplay scenario.
  3. If your game crashes and you are involved in an active situation, you must do your best to return directly to that situation.
28. Voices Through Walls
  1. Hearing people through walls / multiple levels of floors is abuse of a game mechanic. Your character would not be able to hear through a wall no matter what you think it is made out of.
  2. Likewise, you should also pay attention to your voice range if you are having private conversations so your discussion does not accidentally get overheard by a third party.
29. Import Vehicles
  1. You may currently own 2 import vehicles per person, as they are limited stock.
  2. Buying more then the 2 allowed import vehicles will result in any extra vehicles being impounded and your money will not returned.
30. Prison Rules
  1. Jailbreaks are currently not allowed. Do the crime, do the time. There are ways to earn time off of your sentence while in jail.
  2. We ask that you please do not instigate physical fights in jail for now, as we do not have a proper way to treat injuries in jail.
31. Body Cam Footage
  1. “Body Cam” footage is referred to as video taken from a stream, or a recording.
  2. “Body Cam” footage is not admissible in court if it is from a stream or any third party source of information.
  3. Information and evidence must be obtained in game naturally.
32. Perjury
  1. Definition: the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.
  2. As we are moving into getting our Department of Justice established, Intentional Perjury in court is against the server rules, and if someone is accused of perjury during a trial, they will be suspect to administrations review of evidence.
  3. This is an OOC thing so OOC statements and video footage will be acceptable to the administration’s investigation.
33. Be Original… Or play yourself if you can’t come up with something.
  1. While you may think its fun to imitate characters from other places, it’s actually cringe for most of us. Create your own story, don’t use someone else’s. This is for new characters moving forward, not retroactive.
  2. If you do decide to ‘play yourself’ in character, don’t take anything said in character as a personal attack against you as a person.

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